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Why the Taylor Patterson team love to ride

The Lancashire Cycle Challenge is back, and this year over 40 staff have registered at Taylor Patterson to get involved in the love to ride scheme. Held between 8th and 28th June, this year, over 73 organisations and more than 400 individuals have already signed up to take part.

The Lancashire Cycle Challenge is a free, fun competition for workplaces. The Lancashire Cycle Challenge is part of the National Cycle Challenge, where organisations and departments compete against others around the country to see which can get most employees to ride a bike between 8th and 28th June 2015. With the opportunity to win prizes and prove you’re the best team mates out there, what’s there not to like?

Louise Potter, Director, Taylor Patterson comments “The team took part in the love to ride scheme last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The number of staff we have with a hidden competitive streak is amazing! We pulled together and really strived to win prizes for our category. When the challenge had finished, the team had a great appetite to continue cycling to work and we wanted to give employees as much encouragement as possible. We took the decision to install bike racks for those who continued to cycle, and we had showers fitted in the office, enabling anyone that wanted to cycle or jog to work the opportunity to freshen up before work.

Lancashire is a lovely place to cycle, with great views, cycle paths and with more people looking to get fit in a cheap and effective way, it was perfect.  The team spirit that the challenge fosters is unbeatable. We are looking forward to taking part again this year. ”

Over the years the Lancashire Cycle Challenge has proved popular within the region, and with over 140 orgainsations and 2,944 riders cycling over 386,781 miles in a bid to get fit and healthy whilst winning a few prizes along the way, 2015 looks set to only beat those figures.

To learn more, or sign up to compete against Taylor Patterson and other Lancashire businesses in the Love to cycle challenge, click here.

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