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Full service SSAS

The full service SSAS is ideal for entrepreneurs of small and medium sized owner managed businesses and provides:

  • Multiple members in the scheme
  • The full range of investments including property and loan backs
  • Allows for borrowing
  • Assists with providing flexible options for succession planning
  • Can be used as part of the financial toolbox to help a business achieve its goal
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One member SSAS

In view of the fact that Taylor Patterson recognises the administration with a one person scheme is less onerous than a multiple member scheme, a specific scheme has been put in place with reduced fees. In order to maintain flexibility should more members wish to join, the scheme can be reverted to a full SSAS.

This gives the individual a cost effective opportunity to set up an occupational based scheme which is competitive with our SIPP charges.

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Investment only SSAS

The administration of simple straight forward investments is less onerous than schemes containing for example property and loan backs so we have put in place a specific scheme with competitive fees.

The investments that would qualify would be regulated UK investments, such as, cash deposits, collectives, discretionary portfolios, assets held via a platform and insurance company trustee investment plans.

This makes the SSAS competitive if for example properties are sold at retirement, preventing the need to transfer to alternative products. In the early years this scheme allows funds to be built up to facilitate future investment in property or loan backs.

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