Professional Development Programme

Taylor Patterson is an ‘Investor in People’ and is committed to enhancing the skills of staff, in all roles and at all levels. We help to harness fresh talent within Lancashire by “growing our own people” to fulfill the skills required by the business today and in the future.

Professional development programme

At Taylor Patterson we are committed to supporting the development of our employees, across all divisions within the business. We also recognise that the pace and content of your development may vary and should be flexible to suit both you and the business. In a professional services environment any business will employ individuals with varying degrees of drive and ambition. Some individuals will want to reach for the stars and some will want to know their value lies in providing a consistent level of good quality work.

A development programme should be flexible, allowing you to “dip” in and out when the time is right, to progress faster during some periods of your career than others and to provide a more rigid structure and focus if you are intent on reaching for those stars.

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