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Finance experts sow seeds of the future

Employees from Preston-based financial advisory group, Taylor Patterson, have helped Brockholes nature reserve save more than £12,000 by re-planting a rare meadow plant.

At its annual away-day, hosted at Brockholes’ floating conference centre, Taylor Patterson’s 40-strong staff rolled their sleeves up and spent an afternoon ‘green-haying’ – a process where cut grass containing wildflower seeds is spread on a new site to allow the seeds to germinate.

Gillian Bardin, managing director of Taylor Patterson said: “It was a great opportunity to help create an important ecological feature that will give something back to the local community,”

“The whole team really enjoyed the experience and we learnt a lot from it too.”

Brockholes reserve manager, Sophie Leadsom, explained that the reserve’s aim is to create mini versions of ancient Lancashire floodplains that made the area so rich in wildlife 400 years ago. Taylor Patterson’s work helped to create a new hay meadow, which will be home to around 60 species of wildflower. These flowers will support many other animals such as dragonflies, butterflies, bees and wasps.

Sophie added: “To buy the seeds would have been very expensive and sowing them would have taken the Brockholes’ team a number of days. However in just a few hours with Taylor Patterson’s help, we harvested seeds that had collected naturally in Brockholes’ existing meadows and spread these in new areas to germinate organically. We are very grateful for their help!”

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